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Titec Machine Tools is a young company with a vast experience of manufacturing processes for metalworking industry mainly machining and aluminum extrusion.

We can supply our customers with the best and most value for money integrated production solution. We asses together with you what would suite the best for your company. If we cannot provide you with an ideal solution, we will advise you open and honestly about other possibilities. We are more than happy to continue working with you on the project until the project has been completed.

We can offer and supply you the latest state-of-the-art machines from renowned German, Italian and Spanish high-end machine tool manufactures. We offer our customers also very reliable and stable production machines from well-known Taiwanese manufactures. Important for you is that we can offer a suitable machine for your specific jobs and applications.

Alternatively, we can offer you the possibility to retrofit your existing machines. A retrofit solution can be a very good alternative for investing in a new machine. The retrofitted machine can be upgraded to the latest technology but for significantly less cost than a new machine.

Next to the “hardware” solutions, Titec Machine Tools has a unique software system in our portfolio. This software has a unique algorithm to recognizes shapes. Customers can sketch, draw, load dwg files, pdf files, pictures into the software. The software will than search the customers ‘database and find the specific shape and/or similar shapes. The software enables to reduce search times significantly but more important it will help customers to use past experiences for current and future productions.

We look forward working together with you!

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